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Rolex GMT-Master – The Cosmopolitan Watch

Rolex GMT-Master, the name is self-explanatory. For the uninitiated, GMT is the acronym for good old Greenwich Mean Time, and the watch is made to show the time in two different time zones simultaneously. Introduced in 1955, the GMT-Master was designed with functionality in mind. A navigation instrument for professionals travelling the globe, this pilot watch with its now emblematic dual color was considered quite the innovation at the time. Revamped in 1982 as the GMT Master-II, the new movement and upgrades to functionality instantly made it a hit with a large section of travelers.
The Rolex GMT Master’s calling card has always been aesthetic. Its two-color bezel is iconic and goes down in horogical history as one of the most recognizable parts of any watch from around the world. It is fascinating in itself, the material having been developed exclusively by Rolex in a pioneering process. The bezel shows off the 24-hour graduated Cerachrom insert, which is an extremely hard ceramic material, in a single piece. It is scratchproof, has anti-corrosion properties and preserves the vibrant palette over time. The beauty of the insert is further enhanced by molded numerals and graduations coated in gold or platinum and then finished off with a final lustrous polish. The original colors of the Cerachrom insert were red and blue, with one signifying daytime and the other representing night. But the GMT-Master has come a long way and many combination pairings since the red and blue – a recent model even boasts a dial made from a piece of iron meteorite. Here, Rolex has redefined exclusivity as only Rolex can, given that the pattern on each meteorite dial is natural and unique. Returning to its functionality, travelers wearing the GMT-Master are able to read the time in two different time zones at the same time. Along with the three traditional hands, there is an additional arrow tipped 24-hour hand. This one, combined with the bi-directional, rotatable bezel and the 24-hour graduated Cerachrom insert, helps display two different times. Also exclusive is the caliber 3285 movement which allows you to adjust the local time through the winding crown without stopping the watch.

The Rolex GMT-Master features prominently on NorthLadder’s list of popular pre-owned luxury watches. There is a significant difference between the average dealer price and maximum price you can get if you sell your luxury watch on NorthLadder. How do we manage to give you a good price deal? The devil is in the details – NorthLadder has set up a platform of dealers from across the globe who participate in an auction for your watch. What you get is the highest bid from this auction. There are no hidden costs and no surprises. In addition to just selling your watch, you can also avail an option of buyback. If you want to raise short term funding, you can sell your watch for instant cash, and reserve the option to buy it back at a pre-agreed price. So, whether you wish to sell your watch or simply raise short term funding against it, our platform will provide the highest price as well as the best options. To understand how exactly we function, visit our website or contact us at We will be happy to answer all your queries.

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Rolex Yacht-Master: The Watch of the Open Seas

Since the 1950s, the iconic Yacht-Master, as the name suggests, has been synonymous with yacht clubs and regattas. After making a splash in the world of sailing, the Yacht-Master was spotted gracing many a non-sailing but hallowed wrist. Celebrities from the world of film, entertainment, and sport found that this practical and appealing Rolex Watch complemented their personalities.

Its unique combination of function, style and technology is what makes the Yacht-Master a classic that must feature on every watch aficionado’s list. This vigorously crafted timepiece is ideal for the harsh conditions on a sailboat and for the action that comes your way on a day of water sport. Waterproof, sturdy and full-bodied, the Yacht-Master is a perfect companion for the gritty, courageous and adventurous sea-faring spirit.

The classic Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master, with its iconic bidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel, has been the foundation on which the privileged relationship between the Rolex watch and the world of nautical sport is based. This long association has resulted in the committed watch maker putting its might together every so often to present a horological creation that suits the high seas just a little bit more. Take for example the innovative and practical material Oysterflex. It conveniently combines the comfort of a rubber strap with the strength of a metal bracelet. Introduced as a functional feature, it soon became a necessity because of its hypoallergenic quality, shape retention feature and sheer comfort. Additions like these, and hallmarks like the caliber 3235 movement, the distinctive Cyclops lens and the exceptionally legible dial, are pillars on which the Yacht-Master legacy stands.

And then there is the Yacht-Master II, which is essentially the Yacht-Master on steroids. This one is based on the same classic Rolex foundation as the Yacht-Master, but with an additional dash of technological brilliance. Dressed up with a mechanical function that allows a programmable countdown which can be mechanically memorized and synchronized; this regatta chronograph soon became the favorite for sailing competition. With this, skippers can time and follow the official starting procedure of each race; and the synchronization feature provides the flexibility to match race countdown changes as they happen. The Yacht-Master II boasts the caliber 4161 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, another development exclusive to Rolex. It is steeped in components that are crafted with exact and reliable Rolex technology – we are talking the likes of patented functions and micromanufacturing technology mastered to precision by Rolex. Rolex sure did flex their horologic muscle for this one.

Now that our flirtation with the Yacht-Master – romantically described as ‘The Watch of the Open Seas’ is complete – here’s a glimpse of how the people at NorthLadder express their appreciation of your fine luxury watches. The highest Rolex Yacht-Master II watch price in Dubai and UAE on our platform has been a whopping AED 55,903, which is a significant AED 8,070 more than the average payout in the market. Let us break it down for you – the difference between a NorthLadder payout and the average Rolex Yacht-Master II watch price in the market is about 17%. That’s a figure you should keep in mind the next time you decide to put your fine luxury watch on the market as a solution for short term funding. We at NorthLadder realize the value of your prized asset, and also know how to respect it. As such, we address your urgent cash need through a dignified and transparent process. Wondering how NorthLadder and its unique buyback option works? Visit our website and let us answer all your questions.

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The Submariner: The Reference Among Divers’ Watches

Famously described as ‘The Submariner is far from just a timepiece. It’s a totem of identity, deeply connected to how I think of myself…’ by James Cameron; the Rolex Submariner is a watch that has been coveted by collectors through its evolution, mostly because of the values is represents. An evolution that has been subtle in design but more than substantial in material and mechanics.

Over decades, the early, original form of the revolutionary Oyster developed into the many Rolex ranges of today, one of which is the instantly recognizable Rolex Submariner line-up. With the Submariner, the last century has been the watchmaker’s playground – innovating, improving, adding features and precision – mostly just putting more thought into what was already a timepiece to reckon with. Details like adding a date window (that’s a big deal when you are conservative about design change), bumping the Submariner up to a five digit reference, and finally dressing it up with that lustrous ceramic bezel; took decades to be incorporated.

The Submariner is one of the strangest mixes of horological snobbery possible. Created as a functional watch – a tool watch that served as a diver’s instrument – the Sub graduated into this cult watch that is essentially an icon of design. One of the best sports watches ever created, the fame attached to it has shifted the focus from its unmatched diving capabilities to ensure that it finds a place on every luxury watch collector’s list.

This is the kind of story that encourages watch aficionados to place certain watches in the ‘good investment’ bracket. Though it may not exactly make you rich, the Rolex Submariner definitely knows how to hold its price. A limited edition model is capable of selling at nearly the price it was bought for. Its classic look has charmed countries, ignoring age and gender; making it a favorite luxury watch brand and a darling of the pre-owned luxury watch market. And that’s where NorthLadder steps in. At NorthLadder, you can sell your precious luxury watch and get instant cash in return. You also have the option to buyback your watch within 60 days, allowing you to address your urgent cash requirements without losing your asset. In short, we deal in certified pre-owned luxury watches, ensuring that they lend a hand when you are in need of some short term funding.

So how does NorthLadder work? And why are prices better here than at the local dealer who buys pre-owned watches? Let’s answer this with some facts and figures: The highest Rolex Submariner Blue price in UAE on NorthLadder has been an impressive AED 44,059, which is AED 4,172 more than the average payout in the market. Let us break it down for you – the difference between a NorthLadder payout and the average Rolex Submariner Blue price in the market is a significant 10%. How did this happen? It is a known fact that prices for pre-loved luxury watches vary hugely across markets. What NorthLadder does is use its vast platform to bring all dealers – local as well as international – together. It is through this unique auction system that varied prices are equalized, giving you the best possible deal for your watch. So, the next time you decide to put your fine luxury watch on the market as a solution for short term funding, do keep in mind that NorthLadder realizes the value of your prized asset. Our system addresses your urgent cash needs through a dignified and transparent process. Still wondering how NorthLadder works? Visit our website and let us answer all your questions.

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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona: A Watch Born to Race

Named for the original mecca of motor racing, Daytona in Florida, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is indeed a ‘Watch Born to Race’. Developed specifically for luxury watch wearers who have an affinity for driving and speed, the Daytona is a specialized sport chronograph which has been pandering to professional race drivers for more than half a century.

True to its Rolex spirit, the Daytona of today is a tribute to continuity, one of the pillars of the watchmaker’s philosophy. This continuity is the link between a watch model as it was originally conceived, and the super watch that it has evolved into over decades of perseverance. Cosmetically, the Daytona mostly tows the continuity line; it is the technical evolution that has catapulted the watch to the position of the most advanced chronograph ever made as a Rolex watch. So, while major visual changes like introducing contrasting sub-dials and moving the tachymeter from the dial to the bezel were undertaken in the beginning of its evolutionary tale, the superior technical chronograph of today came about after the Daytona signature in the 1960s. Today, the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona and motor racing are linked inseparably not just because the watch allows drivers to measure elapsed time with unerring accuracy, but because each of its components has been developed keeping the sport and its intricacies in mind. The tachymeter, counters and pushers come together to make it a timing tool par excellence. Details such as optimal legibility have been infused to ensure the watch delivers at high speeds. It boasts the caliber 4130, a self-winding mechanical chronograph movement that has the distinction of being developed and manufactured by Rolex with the sole objective of enhancing performance. The main feature responsible for this boost is the use of a vertical clutch to activate the chronograph, as opposed to a lateral one. Some versions of the Rolex Daytona also wear the very durable Cerachrom bezel. Resistant to corrosion and scratchproof, it also holds its color under UV rays.

All of this leads us to wonder about the Rolex Daytona resale value. Rolex has a firm place in top 10 luxury watch brands lists and as expected, its models, particularly the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, feature prominently in pre-owned watch markets as well. It is a fact that prices of pre-owned watches fluctuate across markets, so how will you get the best deal for yours? One way to ensure this is fair and transparent competition. NorthLadder has devised a clever and efficient way which brings together local and international dealers on to one platform, where your precious asset is auctioned and sold to the top bidder. This way, you get the highest Rolex watch price in UAE as well as from around the world. Case in point: the best price for a Rolex Daytona on the NorthLadder platform has been AED 67,273, which is AED 9,232 more than the average payout in the market. This figure is 16% higher. NorthLadder has also devised another system that watch people will particularly appreciate – its buyback feature. This one allows you to not just sell your watch at the best price, it also lets you buy it back after 60 days (more or less), once your requirement for short term funding is over. Quite the win-win!

So, whenever you need your watch to step in as a stop gap arrangement for an urgent cash need, NorthLadder is the place to go. Visit our website to discover exactly how we can be of help.

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We have a new name!

Why NorthLadder?

Our new brand represents our shift from local to international both in terms of our presence as well as our growing network of price makers for a wider range of luxury assets. We are stepping UP to serve you in a smarter, easier and better way than ever before.

Sell your asset for the highest price, get cash immediately and buy it back if you want to. No paperwork, No stress and No pressure.

That’s why we think NorthLadder says it all. 

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Selling Your Watch: Fact versus Fiction

This is a facts first article. Without the mandatory fluff, let’s talk about selling used luxury watches because you are in need of some urgent cash. Did you know that the massive global pre-owned luxury watch market is valued at USD 25 billion a year and growing? Or that, while new watches cost pretty much the same across the world – from Dubai to Sydney and Los Angeles with differences only in local duties and taxes – pre-owned watch prices for a specific model of similar condition and vintage can differ by as much as 200%? This significant variation in the price of second hand watches is not just a fact over countries but also within them, among different cities, and even from dealer to dealer. This just complicated your life, didn’t it? In case you need figures in boxes for a clearer picture, here’s what the number crunchers at NorthLadder came up with to help break it down for you:

To translate from geek-speak, the infographic above brings home the point that even within the same city, prices for pre-loved luxury watches may vary from 60% to 90%. This is primarily because dealers quote a price based on their customer base which is driven by the comfort with and demand for certain watches. It’s a simple case of demand and supply complicated by trends and fashion. Added to that, every dealer has their own standard of what constitutes as a ‘good’ or ‘average’ condition for a pre-loved watch.

Exactly the same theory (of demand and supply) applies to you when you need instant cash. You are left with no option but to sell your fine luxury watch to a local dealer and lose a lot of value in the process. Now you’re thinking of approaching a consignment based dealer who will try and sell your watch to another individual at your preferred price. Granted, you have a better chance of getting a higher price here than at the local dealer’s, but you should know that there will be nothing ‘quick’ about the transaction. In fact, the wait could be weeks and even months. Also, if you want to have it both ways – get the cash and retain your asset – you’ve just placed yourself in an impossible situation! But it does not always have to be that way.

NorthLadder solves this quagmire quite elegantly. We offer you instant cash without compromising the value of your watch and always in total discretion. What’s more, you even have the option of buying your watch back when you feel the time is right. How do we achieve that? Our prices are a direct result of having a large global dealer network onboard, as opposed to working with just individual, local dealers. We run blind auctions on this platform which ensures dealers place their highest bid or risk losing the auction. This gets you the best price from around the world, all while sitting right here in the UAE. Given the fact that prices for used watches fluctuate so wildly on a local level (as illustrated in the infographic above), having access to the global market is definitely a win-win. Our BuyBack policy allows you to leave your watch with our trusted partners for a specified period of time (the date is extendable, of course), and buy it back at a pre-agreed price. So, you get instant cash when you need it, and also get to retain your watch, with everyone else none the wiser! If you don’t want your watch back, since this is not a loan, the transaction is considered complete as a sale.

NorthLadder’s transparent, global and competitive model of making instant cash available to you can’t be beaten. If you are thinking of putting your luxury watch on the market, do yourself a favor and check with us first. We will be happy to show you how this experience will not just be different, but also profitable, easy, legal and completely discrete. Visit our website to get a clear picture of exactly how we function.

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The TAG Heuer Carrera Debut

As TAG Heuer marks a milestone anniversary at 160 years, what stands out is change co-existing with constancy in cutting edge watch-making. The brand’s commitment to innovation is a characteristic exclusive only to the most formidable Swiss watchmakers. It is in this spirit, that TAG Heuer has announced the debut of yet another series – TAG Heuer Carrera. Forever Chasing Tomorrow.

The year 1963 saw TAG Heuer combine elegance, sporting spirit and its reputed ingenuity to present an iconic sports watch designed especially for professional drivers and sports car enthusiasts. The timeless chronograph has now been redefined into a 42mm stainless steel shape and put into the spotlight again. Heavily reworked yet uncluttered and still true to its origins, the TAG Heuer Carrera shows off multiple new features. The now slimmed down profile sits well with the sturdy, parallel and elongated lugs, the new pushers, and the metal crown for an elegant and sporty feel. This bold chronograph has refined indexes and hands, catching the light better with their Super-LumiNova surfaces for accurate legibility, even at top speeds.

Image source:

The pursuit of a ‘clear, clean design’ for the dial has resulted in modifications in detail, both big and small. Take for example, using the inside bevel of the tension ring of the glass for the markings; or the minimalist cross hair markings as a substitute for the classic 6 o’clock sweep seconds register. A symmetrical date window is placed unobtrusively under this. Also new are the fresh take on the hour markers and the use of the Serif font for the Carrera printed script. Departing ever so slightly from the rest of the Carrera stable – only enough to establish its unique stylistic identity – is the traditional sunray-brushed pattern replacing the deep radial brushing on the dial surface for two models. The other two versions flaunt glossy opaline dials. Stylistically, the case is a slimmer version of the Carrera Sport Chronograph, but with narrower applied indices. The familiar 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock sub dials are prominent and help tie the watch firmly to the Carrera series. The iconic pointed and striped baton hands remain, as unchanged as TAG Heuer constancy. Add to this mix the Heuer 02 with its 80 hours of power reserve and sapphire case back for a view of the exquisite rose-gold colored rotor, and an icon is born.

Image source: |

The TAG Heuer Carrera is a study in beauty and functionality – very seldom does one come across a timepiece that has not one superfluous feature and is still so luxurious. Choose from four aesthetically delicious models, two of which come with the sporty no color steel H-link bracelet setting off steel black and steel blue dials. The other two options are more luxurious, mounted on a stunning brown alligator leather strap. This adds just a dash of drama to the steel gray and rose-gold plated accented steel white dials that adorn it. 

Priced at AED 19,250 and above, all models of the new TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph series will be available starting October 2020. For more information, please visit the TAG Heuer website.

After that stroll around divine horological creations, let’s take a deep breath and return to the real world. Did you know that NorthLadder’s last deal, involving a TAG Heuer Autavia, led to a payout of AED 9,000? Wondering what that means? In short, we’re talking about a quick and dignified solution to your urgent cash requirement. Imagine a discrete platform where you can sell your watch or other luxury assets, at a great price. You get the instant cash you need and have the option of buying your item back too! Like what you hear? Visit our website to allow us to answer all the questions that are crowding your mind about how we work.

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Hublot Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

How do you mark a 40 year anniversary? If you’re Hublot, it’s all about bringing back fond memories of an audacious, bold and absolutely gorgeous watch – the 1980 Classic Original.

Image source:

Time stood still, pun intended, when the world was first introduced to a timepiece now known purely for the fearlessness of its creator’s imagination. Gold mounted on a rubber strap – who would’ve thought? Carlo Crocco’s daring, practical and wearable watch captured the minds and wrists of the discerning lot on the lookout for a unique product. To be fair, metal bracelets being replaced by rubber straps, albeit exclusively developed rubber straps, was all it took to shock the world four decades ago.

Stemming purely from concept, the Classic Original found its form as a watch made of precious gold combined with a strap designed of modern rubber, especially developed for the purpose. This is where the ‘Art of Fusion’, Hublot’s guiding philosophy of the last 40 years, has originated from – a keen exploration of materials propped up by technological research and then topped with a healthy dose of audacity.

The reinvention of the Classic Original 40 years after it broke all rules of convention, is a salute to the disruptive approach that has been the essence of Hublot. The Classic Fusion 40 Years Anniversary is the mechanical avatar of this iconic watch, a marriage of technological innovation and horological tradition. 

Powered by the Hublot HUB1112 self-winding movement, with 21 jewels and 42 hours of power reserve, it is a perfect example of the past merging with the present and flowing into the future. Hublot spoils you with three collectors’ models, each of which have been worked on using various materials and technologies, new and old.

This anniversary treat is directly inspired by the Classic Original’s porthole design. Hublot is French for porthole and Carlo Crocco was an avid sailor at the time. The Classic Fusion 40 Years Anniversary represents Hublot’s focus on technological advances over the years, defiantly wrapped up in its signature mood. The 45mm format is backed with mechanical movement. An understated black lacquered and polished dial reflects the elegance of the original it has been recreated from. The bare face, topped with only faceted
hands, the applique brand name and H logo, is simplicity at its best. The appliques on the yellow gold version are in gold while the titanium and black ceramic versions show off rhodium appliques against the stark black lacquer. The case, with a delectable menu of choices – yellow gold, titanium and black ceramic – is embellished with the iconic H screws on the bezel. Reduced to 6 in number from the original 12, this magnifies their impact. Then there is the sapphire crystal back case and the inimitable smooth rubber strap fitted with a deployant buckle clasp. This strap was singularly responsible for the advent of fusion manufacturing. The controversial strap arose not just from Hublot’s much talked about inherent rebellious streak as a brand; but also from Crocco’s need to wear a watch that was comfortable and would not spoil while sailing. It is this amalgamation of traditional and uncommon materials that has set the brand apart in the hallowed grounds of the Swiss watch world.
All aboard! Hublot anniversary celebrations are in full swing!

The Hublot Classic Fusion 40 Years Anniversary is priced at USD 8,300 for the titanium model and USD 10,400 and USD 25,200 for the black ceramic and yellow gold versions respectively. The watch is limited edition – 100 examples in yellow gold, 200 in titanium and 200 in black ceramic. For more information, please visit the Hublot website.

Coming back to NorthLadder’s offer of getting you the best price for your watch from around the world. To elaborate, when we price your watch, our buyers are not just individual dealers; we work with an elaborate global dealer network. A blind auction ensures that you get the best price from around the world, sitting in the UAE. How does NorthLadder work? Simply put, the elegantly designed system at NorthLadder gets you instant cast at the best price, at the same time keeping the transaction completely discrete. What’s more, you have the option of buying your watch back when you feel the time is right. It’s actually as simple as that. Visit our website to get a clear picture of exactly how we function.


How to Maintain Your Luxury Watch for Maximum Resale Value in UAE

Attention UAE watch enthusiasts! Do you know what the annual value of the pre-owned luxury watches market is?

Well, as per the research of Jon Cox, a financial analyst at Kepler Cheuvreux, it’s approximately $25 billion. Pre-owned watches occupy a whopping 25% of the overall watch trade.

This definitely indicates the massive potential of investment in the pre-owned luxury watch market. Since you are here, this means you have probably stacked up one, or a few and plan to sell them in the future.

However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. In order to sell your watch later, you need to ensure that it holds its value, which is only possible if you take care of it in the best way possible. Don’t worry! It isn’t as tricky as it sounds. In this post, we have provided a complete guide to luxury watch maintenance so that it not only holds its value but garners a profit as well. Let’s get started!

Watch Brands that Keep Value in UAE

The luxury watch market has been one of the more established high end industries in the UAE for some time. With a growing affluent population, especially in major cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, consumers here love their watches.

Before we dive into the luxury watch maintenance guide, let’s have a look at some of the top watch brands that keep value. These include:

Properly taken care of, many of these can even see an increase in value over time; for instance, Rolex Submariners have been known to appreciate as much as AED35000 in recent years!

Luxury Watch Maintenance Guide

There are four main things when it comes to looking after your timepiece to preserve, or even increase, it’s value.

1) Storage

Proper storage plays a key role in ensuring that your watch is safe from wear and tear and scratches. You should never place it with other jewelry or at locations where it might come across such surfaces that can leave marks on it. There are four different ways in which you can keep your luxury timepiece safe from unwanted damage.

Original Retail Box

Every luxury watch comes in its own retail box, which is specifically designed based on the watch’s design, and is quite sturdy and durable. If you still have it with you, then always store your watch in it when you aren’t wearing it.

Multi-watch Storage Case

The name, multi-watch storage case, pretty much explains this storage option, which comprises various sections to store numerous watches safely and separately from each other. Features include:

  • Your Luxury Watches are divided into drawers. You can assign each drawer for a specific brand or movement.

  • They are usually made from wood with silk interior lining.

  • They have a window through which you can view and choose from your luxury watch collection.

Watch Winder Boxes

As you probably can guess from the name, watch winder boxes are designed for automatic watches. These watches don’t require manual winding, they do this on their own; however, this feature is normally only functional when you are wearing them.

This is where a winder box comes in. It keeps the watches automatically maintained, i.e., well-wound, when you aren’t wearing them. These boxes are expensive; but a must for any budding luxury watch collection.

Watch Safes

If you have an extensive luxury watch collection, the best storage option in our opinion is a watch safe. You can get a specialized one, which can be used to save not only your watches, but other valuables as well. If your collection consists mainly of automatic watches, then a combination watch-winder safe would be a better option than a simple one.

2) Protection

There are a few watches that are specifically designed to withstand extreme conditions such as water submergence and environmental factors (think Rolex Submariner and Sea-Dweller models).

However, most of them can only bear such circumstances to a certain extent. Below, we have listed down a few precautions that will help your luxury watch in maintaining its value:

  • Keep your watches at a distance from speakers, mobile phones, and computers because they have magnets in their systems. Magnets reduce the watch’s precision.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures (below 0˚C and above 60˚C).

  • If your watch isn’t shock-resistant, try your best not to drop it. The impact will not only harm the watch, both from the inside and aesthetically, but it will also null its warranty.

  • Keep your luxury watch away from products that contain chemicals because they corrode and discolor them.

  • Only wear those watches in deepwater activities that are ISO 6425 rated. In other cases, read reviews, prior to submerging your luxury watch in water, to check if it’s a true Diver watch or not.

3) Servicing

Cleanliness and service play an essential role in maintaining a luxury watch’s value. With time, the sweat and dirt from usage start entering the watch’s interior, even if it’s air-tight, and corrodes it. You can avoid this issue by keeping it clean, and getting it serviced every once in a while. Some major tips in this regard are:

  • Use a soft cloth to clean those luxury watches that are prone to water damage.

  • Clean your water-resistant luxury watches with some soap, preferably mixed with water, and a cloth.

  • Consult your watch manual or a jewelry cleaner in your local area within the Emirates for cleaning your watch’s jewels.

  • Get your luxury watch professionally serviced once every 3 to 5 years. There are a host of master watch craftsmen in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE who can take care of your investment.

4) Insurance

This is a no brainer, like every other expensive item, luxury watch’s insurance is also essential for its protection. The amount that you need to invest in getting your beloved timepiece insured depends upon its cost, the insurance company, and the extent of insurance cover. Some important things that you should consider while buying your watch’s insurance include:

  • Check your home insurance policy; sometimes this will cover personal possessions as well.

  • Get your watch valued every once in a while at a certified UAE Watch Dealer because the majority of the insurers only cover the price that the watch was worth while being insured.

  • Check insurance excess because sometimes it ends up being higher than the cost of the watch itself.

If you plan on selling your watch, at or, higher than its original retail value, then ensure that you thoroughly follow our luxury watch maintenance guide.

Don’t Want to Sell Your Watch Forever?

We here at NorthLadder love our watches, and we understand that our customers do too.

A common complaint we heard for many years was that sometimes you need short term cash, but don’t necessarily want or need to go to the bank for a short term personal loan. This got us thinking, there must be a better way to access emergency cash, right?

So that’s what we did!

We realised that whilst thousands of happy customers were trading their gadgets, laptops and more with us for access to cash instantly, there were many more of you who needed a much higher cash loan – upwards of AED500,000 at times.

So we thought, why don’t we use our special Buyback model for you as well!

What we created is the first and only Buyback scheme that guarantees you the best price, and a 100% safe service.

Here’s how it works, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Fill in the Quote form here to send us your watch details.

  2. Receive the guaranteed highest price across dozens of watch dealers in the UAE.

  3. Bring your watch in for an inspection, and get cash the same day!

Once you have your cash, you’re also given the option to Buy your watch Back from us in 30 days time, meaning you get the cash funds you need urgently AND you get to keep your treasured timepiece!

Is it safe?


We Guarantee:

  • Inspection by a Qualified Master Craftsman

  • Certificate of Authentication

  • Storage in dealers secure vault

  • Identity protection

  • Instant cash payment

All you need to do is fill in the watch details through our quote form, take your Luxury Watch to your nearest registered dealer across the UAE (or have us collect it from your doorstep!) and in no time you’ll have your cash!