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How do you mark a 40 year anniversary? If you’re Hublot, it’s all about bringing back fond memories of an audacious, bold and absolutely gorgeous watch – the 1980 Classic Original.

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Time stood still, pun intended, when the world was first introduced to a timepiece now known purely for the fearlessness of its creator’s imagination. Gold mounted on a rubber strap – who would’ve thought? Carlo Crocco’s daring, practical and wearable watch captured the minds and wrists of the discerning lot on the lookout for a unique product. To be fair, metal bracelets being replaced by rubber straps, albeit exclusively developed rubber straps, was all it took to shock the world four decades ago.

Stemming purely from concept, the Classic Original found its form as a watch made of precious gold combined with a strap designed of modern rubber, especially developed for the purpose. This is where the ‘Art of Fusion’, Hublot’s guiding philosophy of the last 40 years, has originated from – a keen exploration of materials propped up by technological research and then topped with a healthy dose of audacity.

The reinvention of the Classic Original 40 years after it broke all rules of convention, is a salute to the disruptive approach that has been the essence of Hublot. The Classic Fusion 40 Years Anniversary is the mechanical avatar of this iconic watch, a marriage of technological innovation and horological tradition. 

Powered by the Hublot HUB1112 self-winding movement, with 21 jewels and 42 hours of power reserve, it is a perfect example of the past merging with the present and flowing into the future. Hublot spoils you with three collectors’ models, each of which have been worked on using various materials and technologies, new and old.

This anniversary treat is directly inspired by the Classic Original’s porthole design. Hublot is French for porthole and Carlo Crocco was an avid sailor at the time. The Classic Fusion 40 Years Anniversary represents Hublot’s focus on technological advances over the years, defiantly wrapped up in its signature mood. The 45mm format is backed with mechanical movement. An understated black lacquered and polished dial reflects the elegance of the original it has been recreated from. The bare face, topped with only faceted
hands, the applique brand name and H logo, is simplicity at its best. The appliques on the yellow gold version are in gold while the titanium and black ceramic versions show off rhodium appliques against the stark black lacquer. The case, with a delectable menu of choices – yellow gold, titanium and black ceramic – is embellished with the iconic H screws on the bezel. Reduced to 6 in number from the original 12, this magnifies their impact. Then there is the sapphire crystal back case and the inimitable smooth rubber strap fitted with a deployant buckle clasp. This strap was singularly responsible for the advent of fusion manufacturing. The controversial strap arose not just from Hublot’s much talked about inherent rebellious streak as a brand; but also from Crocco’s need to wear a watch that was comfortable and would not spoil while sailing. It is this amalgamation of traditional and uncommon materials that has set the brand apart in the hallowed grounds of the Swiss watch world.
All aboard! Hublot anniversary celebrations are in full swing!

The Hublot Classic Fusion 40 Years Anniversary is priced at USD 8,300 for the titanium model and USD 10,400 and USD 25,200 for the black ceramic and yellow gold versions respectively. The watch is limited edition – 100 examples in yellow gold, 200 in titanium and 200 in black ceramic. For more information, please visit the Hublot website.

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