Patek Philippe Nautilus – Unexplainable Mystique

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‘One of the world’s costliest watches is made of steel’. Without getting into the why and the how of this statement, let us accept this is as a fact. The Patek Philippe Nautilus is a luxury watch that has unexplainable mystique, and the desire to own one has always been perplexing, even to the creators. But you ride the wave, as they say, and the wave has been ridden for more than 40 years. Launched in 1976, the Nautilus wasn’t exactly one to toe the line. Oversized, oddly shaped and pricey, and as a watch made of steel, it was drastically different from the traditional Patek Philippe precious metal formula. Nor was it the first luxury sports watch to be made of steel – that honor goes to Audermars Piguet’s Royal Oak. So how did it come to be identified with the tagline above?

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Transcending categories, the Nautilus looks fantastic both with a diving suit as well as peeping out from under the sleeve of formal evening wear. Sports watch it is, but more country club than active, splashy water sport. That’s one explanation. Another explanation demonstrates that it is a simple matter of demand and supply. Production for the most popular Nautilus models is limited, and that leads to shortage; so the chase is due to predictable human behavior. Whatever the reason, the Nautilus is coveted. Versions that drip diamonds from precious metal have been used to announce one’s arrival in a certain set. Buying a Nautilus is in itself an arduous process involving invitations and wait lists. So it is understandable that once procured, the watch is earmarked to be handed down over generations. Simply said, it’s all in the mind, only, in this case, it’s on the wrist.

Coming back to the point about limited production. When limited production leads to scarcity in the primary watch market, it results in a tsunami effect on the pre-owned luxury watch market. It is also a known fact that prices in the pre-owned luxury watch market vary not just over cities, but even countries. When watches such as the Nautilus are concerned, it is even more so. This is where NorthLadder can help. NorthLadder has devised a comprehensive platform bringing together pre-owned luxury watch dealers from across the world. So when you sell your watch through NorthLadder, their attempt to outbid one another results in you getting the highest price for your luxury watch.

The Patek Philippe Nautilus features prominently on NorthLadder’s list of popular pre-owned luxury watches. There is a significant difference between the average dealer price and maximum price you can get if you sell your luxury watch on NorthLadder. How do we manage to give you a good price deal? The devil is in the details – NorthLadder has set up a platform of dealers from across the globe who participate in an auction for your watch. What you get is the highest bid from this auction. There are no hidden costs and no surprises. In addition to just selling your watch, you can also avail an option of buyback. If you want to raise short term funding, you can sell your watch for instant cash, and reserve the option to buy it back at a pre-agreed price. So, whether you wish to sell your watch or simply raise short term funding against it, our platform will provide the highest price as well as the best options. 

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