Rolex Datejust – The Classic Watch of Reference

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The Rolex Datejust is perfect – makes its presence felt, without being loud; can be worn anywhere, without a worry; details history, without being a bore; and even announces your arrival, without being brash. Conversation starter, heirloom watch, you can take it anywhere, and it matches with everything – the Rolex Datejust is a lot of things attached to an iconic bracelet.

Rolex unleashed the Datejust on the watch wearing world way back in 1945, to mark its 40th anniversary. Anecdotes begin with this mention, considering that the fine-linked ‘Jubilee’ bracelet accompanies it till today. It was also the first automatic waterproof wristwatch with a date window that changed automatically. When Rolex added the Cyclops magnifier to the crystal, it was on the Datejust. Lots of firsts here, but sometimes, a watch is actually just a watch, without the traditional frills that make it a ‘great’. One of the most popular luxury watches in the Rolex line-up, the Datejust is simple and spectacular. Functionality-wise, it tells the time and today’s date. And despite this, a factor that may be considered a serious handicap in the watch world, it has been a classic for all its existence. Its bold face, uncluttered and dominated by the Roman numerals that surround it, makes place only for the date window at 3 o’clock. Its beauty lies in details like using IIII for the number ‘4’, an oddity that demonstrates the balance of the clockmaker’s four; and the fact that despite being a midsized watch, it gives a much more substantial impression. The thick Oyster case, combined with the elevated crystal, add a dimension to the watch, especially when it is paired with the classic Jubilee bracelet. Given the numerous bezel, dial and bracelet combinations that you can play around with, the watch suits any age, personality, mood and occasion. There is even the version with the brilliant-cut diamond studded bezel, and the Roman VI flashing its gems at you from the dial. The Rolex Datejust literally redefines the term ‘versatile’.

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