Rolex Yacht-Master: The Watch of the Open Seas

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Since the 1950s, the iconic Yacht-Master, as the name suggests, has been synonymous with yacht clubs and regattas. After making a splash in the world of sailing, the Yacht-Master was spotted gracing many a non-sailing but hallowed wrist. Celebrities from the world of film, entertainment, and sport found that this practical and appealing Rolex Watch complemented their personalities.

Its unique combination of function, style and technology is what makes the Yacht-Master a classic that must feature on every watch aficionado’s list. This vigorously crafted timepiece is ideal for the harsh conditions on a sailboat and for the action that comes your way on a day of water sport. Waterproof, sturdy and full-bodied, the Yacht-Master is a perfect companion for the gritty, courageous and adventurous sea-faring spirit.

The classic Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master, with its iconic bidirectional rotatable 60-minute graduated bezel, has been the foundation on which the privileged relationship between the Rolex watch and the world of nautical sport is based. This long association has resulted in the committed watch maker putting its might together every so often to present a horological creation that suits the high seas just a little bit more. Take for example the innovative and practical material Oysterflex. It conveniently combines the comfort of a rubber strap with the strength of a metal bracelet. Introduced as a functional feature, it soon became a necessity because of its hypoallergenic quality, shape retention feature and sheer comfort. Additions like these, and hallmarks like the caliber 3235 movement, the distinctive Cyclops lens and the exceptionally legible dial, are pillars on which the Yacht-Master legacy stands.

And then there is the Yacht-Master II, which is essentially the Yacht-Master on steroids. This one is based on the same classic Rolex foundation as the Yacht-Master, but with an additional dash of technological brilliance. Dressed up with a mechanical function that allows a programmable countdown which can be mechanically memorized and synchronized; this regatta chronograph soon became the favorite for sailing competition. With this, skippers can time and follow the official starting procedure of each race; and the synchronization feature provides the flexibility to match race countdown changes as they happen. The Yacht-Master II boasts the caliber 4161 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, another development exclusive to Rolex. It is steeped in components that are crafted with exact and reliable Rolex technology – we are talking the likes of patented functions and micromanufacturing technology mastered to precision by Rolex. Rolex sure did flex their horologic muscle for this one.

Now that our flirtation with the Yacht-Master – romantically described as ‘The Watch of the Open Seas’ is complete – here’s a glimpse of how the people at NorthLadder express their appreciation of your fine luxury watches. The highest Rolex Yacht-Master II watch price in Dubai and UAE on our platform has been a whopping AED 55,903, which is a significant AED 8,070 more than the average payout in the market. Let us break it down for you – the difference between a NorthLadder payout and the average Rolex Yacht-Master II watch price in the market is about 17%. That’s a figure you should keep in mind the next time you decide to put your fine luxury watch on the market as a solution for short term funding. We at NorthLadder realize the value of your prized asset, and also know how to respect it. As such, we address your urgent cash need through a dignified and transparent process. Wondering how NorthLadder and its unique buyback option works? Visit our website and let us answer all your questions.

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