TAG Heuer Aquaracer – A Bold Luxury Watch

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The Aquaracer collection is a labor of love. In essence, the collection has been in the making for decades. From 1895, when TAG Heuer patented its first water resistant case for a pocket watch, to the eventful 1970s when the Heuer Diver Chronograph was launched, through to the 1980s when Heuer’s first watch water resistant to 1000m showed up; the Aquaracer was steadily becoming more tangible. Finally, it was in 2004 that the Aquaracer Collection rose phoenix-like, as the iconic TAG Heuer 2000 Series was being phased out.
Professional, reliable, precise and timeless, it is a bold luxury watch – with emphasis on ‘bold’. The Aquaracer is a standard in diving watches. After all, when a watch that has to be worn under water is the subject, it goes without saying that the mention of the hallowed Rolex Submariner will only be a breath away. (No pressure here, except maybe that of one thousand feet of water!) This makes credentials as important as aesthetics; so here goes – from the full-bodied case produced to unforgiving standards with the help of machines and hand finishes, to a precisely made dial and movement engineered to implement its exact bidding; Aquaracers reflect the expertise of the watchmaker. Made heavier and more substantial than many, the watch is completely unapologetic about its bulk, showing off water resistance up to 1000 ft. The large diameter and thickness is only magnified by the 12-facet bezel, giving it the dependable look and feel of a tool watch that has got your back in the most challenging situations. Built-in riders assist easy turning while the unidirectional bezel prevents accidental movement. Handling with gloves is made simpler with studs on the case, and the screw-in crown is armed with double safety gaskets. Not to be left out, the bracelet has a diving extension that encourages a good fit over gloves. It is even reinforced with a safety clasp to prevent unplanned opening. Talk about added security.

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