The Submariner: The Reference Among Divers’ Watches

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Famously described as ‘The Submariner is far from just a timepiece. It’s a totem of identity, deeply connected to how I think of myself…’ by James Cameron; the Rolex Submariner is a watch that has been coveted by collectors through its evolution, mostly because of the values is represents. An evolution that has been subtle in design but more than substantial in material and mechanics.

Over decades, the early, original form of the revolutionary Oyster developed into the many Rolex ranges of today, one of which is the instantly recognizable Rolex Submariner line-up. With the Submariner, the last century has been the watchmaker’s playground – innovating, improving, adding features and precision – mostly just putting more thought into what was already a timepiece to reckon with. Details like adding a date window (that’s a big deal when you are conservative about design change), bumping the Submariner up to a five digit reference, and finally dressing it up with that lustrous ceramic bezel; took decades to be incorporated.

The Submariner is one of the strangest mixes of horological snobbery possible. Created as a functional watch – a tool watch that served as a diver’s instrument – the Sub graduated into this cult watch that is essentially an icon of design. One of the best sports watches ever created, the fame attached to it has shifted the focus from its unmatched diving capabilities to ensure that it finds a place on every luxury watch collector’s list.

This is the kind of story that encourages watch aficionados to place certain watches in the ‘good investment’ bracket. Though it may not exactly make you rich, the Rolex Submariner definitely knows how to hold its price. A limited edition model is capable of selling at nearly the price it was bought for. Its classic look has charmed countries, ignoring age and gender; making it a favorite luxury watch brand and a darling of the pre-owned luxury watch market. And that’s where NorthLadder steps in. At NorthLadder, you can sell your precious luxury watch and get instant cash in return. You also have the option to buyback your watch within 60 days, allowing you to address your urgent cash requirements without losing your asset. In short, we deal in certified pre-owned luxury watches, ensuring that they lend a hand when you are in need of some short term funding.

So how does NorthLadder work? And why are prices better here than at the local dealer who buys pre-owned watches? Let’s answer this with some facts and figures: The highest Rolex Submariner Blue price in UAE on NorthLadder has been an impressive AED 44,059, which is AED 4,172 more than the average payout in the market. Let us break it down for you – the difference between a NorthLadder payout and the average Rolex Submariner Blue price in the market is a significant 10%. How did this happen? It is a known fact that prices for pre-loved luxury watches vary hugely across markets. What NorthLadder does is use its vast platform to bring all dealers – local as well as international – together. It is through this unique auction system that varied prices are equalized, giving you the best possible deal for your watch. So, the next time you decide to put your fine luxury watch on the market as a solution for short term funding, do keep in mind that NorthLadder realizes the value of your prized asset. Our system addresses your urgent cash needs through a dignified and transparent process. Still wondering how NorthLadder works? Visit our website and let us answer all your questions.

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