Vacheron Constantin Overseas – An openness to the world

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The Overseas collection, Vacheron Constantin’s interpretation of a luxury sports watch, is a representation of the brand’s original philosophy. The collection is based on ‘an openness to the world’ and is expressed as a spirit to travel. Its origins can be traced to the 1970s, when the Royal Oak and the Nautilus were paving the way for the quintessential luxury sports watch. At the time, the Vacheron Constantin 222 was launched as an anniversary timepiece and is now considered by many as the inspiration for the Overseas collection. The first versions, launched in 1996, were as divisive as subsequent ones, the latest having been reinvented in 2016.

Through its evolution, haters see a ‘saw blade’ where the Maltese Cross takes shape for loyalists; the integrated bracelet is ‘too integrated’ for some, while others hail it as a seamless wonder; and then there’s the whole drama about it having been created only to stand up to the Royal Oak and the Nautilus. Whatever the sentiment, this contentious wonder is here to stay. The finesse, the build quality and the nuances in design tell their own story. It’s when the philosophy of the watch links itself to a story that the romance begins. Here, the brand’s icon which is the Maltese Cross, finds itself represented in various parts of the watch. From the scalloped bezel to the half crosses on the bracelet, the watch seems to pay homage to the symbol. Another fan favorite is the dial, especially the models with the lustrous, lacquered dial. The liquid blue dial shifts to a mysterious black, almost magically, even with the slightest change in lighting. There are also the exciting multiple, interchangeable straps. Easily swapped, and without a tool, you can switch from metal to leather or rubber to suit the occasion.
The 2016 translation, a collection rightly dedicated to travel, has been shorn of all excesses; retaining only what keeps it true to the roots and arming it enough to be the perfect companion. Self-winding mechanical movements, a substantial power reserve, guard against magnetic disturbances, adequate water resistance, reliability and precision – what more could one ask for in a packing list?

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