What is the best way to sell a watch?

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A luxury watch is never just a watch – expensive timepieces have been wrapping themselves around wrists and hearts since the beginning of time. The watches you own and love find a place right up there on the list of your precious belongings.

What if we told you that your watch, this personal declaration of style, could also double up as a source of urgent cash for you? But not in the tactless used watches for sale scenario, where you are looking around for watch buyers online, haggling over price for days on end and having to justify the worth of your prized possession. We, at NorthLadder, are sensitive to your situation and understand your need for discretion, urgency and most of all, respect for the value of your watch.  As such, we have devised a reliable system – now tried and tested – where pre-loved luxury watches can be converted into cash.

What we offer is very simple. Let’s say, you want to put your Rolex on sale. The watch will be evaluated according to its current market value and an equivalent amount is handed over to you in cash. Instantly – with no paperwork, formalities or collateral other than the watch. And because we know how difficult it may be for you to part with such a dear possession, we give you the option of buying it back within a certain time period. We are happy to extend this time period, if your circumstances so demand. In case you are not keen to buy your watch back, the transaction is complete, just like that. Wondering what this means exactly? Simply put, you give us your watch, we pay you its current worth and guarantee its safety. If you want to Buy it Back, we hold it securely for you and return it to you in the same condition.

How is the resale value of a watch determined?

There are two primary factors that impact the resale value of your watch – market demand and the condition of the watch. While market demand is a simple matter of demand for that particular model of watch; the condition it is in tends to be a little more complex. The thumb rule being, a watch that has been serviced on a regular basis will be in a better condition than one that hasn’t.


At the time of evaluation, your watch will be thoroughly inspected. We will assess it not just for its physical appearance but also for its technical performance. It will be checked for repairs and replacements, and whether the watch has all its original parts. Each of these factors affects the final resale value of your watch. Another aspect that plays a part in determining the value is the ‘complications’ or the extra functions of your watch. Usually, the greater the number of complications, the higher your watch will sell for. Finally, design factors in as well. The bulky watch style that has been all the rage for a while has given way to the sleeker, smaller and simpler watch designs. So, classic models result in higher quotes than trendy ones.

Is selling my watch safe?

The team at NorthLadder has looked into all the aspects of what we are offering to you. Needless to say, your transaction will be completely legal. In terms of keeping your watch secure, it will be kept safely in a sealed, tamper proof package especially for this purpose.

Wondering about discretion? You don’t have to visit the nearest store, we are happy to arrange a video call and a home visit for the transaction. If you are in two minds about buying your watch back, you are most welcome to extend the time limit, or not come back for it at all.

No conditions, no questions, no credit score issues and no hidden costs. Complete discretion and transparency, topped with competitive service charges. There are no surprises at NorthLadder.

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