About Us


About Us

We are a passionate group and we exist to create transparency and convenience for customers while selling their pre-owned assets in a manner that provides the best value to them.

Relieving financial stress

Most of us know what it feels like to sell a pre-owned asset - be it an iPhone, a Rolex watch or a Gucci handbag - to address a short term financial need or to simply upgrade your asset. The fact is that the pre-owned market is highly intransparent and finding a fair price for your asset may be daunting. Even if you do find a fair price, the inconvenience of meeting the buyer, negotiating price, shipping the asset and waiting for payment will be an exhausting process.

This is why NorthLadder came to be. We are the region’s only auction-driven selling platform for pre-loved assets and precious valuables - a thoughtfully created service where people can sell their pre-loved items to a network of global buyers and get cash instantly in a safe, dignified, and hassle-free manner.

But that’s not all. We also have a unique feature which gives you the option to retain your asset after the sale! Unlike other platforms, with NorthLadder, you have the choice to buy your valuables back anytime within 60 days.

This is a handy alternative for people who need cash instantly to meet short-term requirements but do not want to lose their precious assets.

We have served thousands of customers and their overwhelmingly positive feedback tells us we are on the right track. This is what keeps us motivated to continue our mission to serve millions of people across the globe.

We are passionate, we are focussed, we are NorthLadder.